Liquid ring vacuum pumps_Single stage model

Product Name : Liquid ring vacuum pumps_Single stage model
Model : GW-20
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    Specifications of Single stage model

    Model Power
    Pumping speed
    Sucking inlet & outlet caliber
    water supply
    Weight standard accessories
    Weight standard accessories
    (With motor)
    GW-20 20 1750 -640mmHg (120 Torr) 6 2.5 3/4 45 182 322
    -590mmHg (170 Torr) 7.5
    -490mmHg (270 Torr) 8.2
    -400mmHg (360 Torr) 8.3

    Single stage model ideal operation range of 160~760 Torr.

    Performance testing conditions of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps as below:

    • Experimental conditions for gas discharging function listed on the catalogue include: inlet air temperature is 20℃, outlet pressure is 760 Torr, relative humidity is 75%, and sealing fluid temperature is 15℃. In case the actual sealing fluid temperature is higher or lower than 15℃, please modify it in accordance with Modification of Gas Discharging Function Table. Please avoid exceeding the red line zone to prevent from cavitation and noise.

    Optional Accessories

    • 3-phase induction motor
    • Gas liquid separator
    • Air ejector
    • Vacuum valve
    • Safety relief valve
    • Vacuum gauge
    • Flow sensor
    • Plate Heat exchanger
    • Vacuum check valve (with SUS 304 filter screen)
    • Inlet flange with SUS 304 filter screen
    • Liquid-sealed circulating cooled system

    Standard Accessories

    • NM type coupling
    • Coupling cover
    • Inlet flange with SUS 304 filter screen (for GW-1H / GW-2H / GW-3H only)
    • Steel Base